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Enter the Dena market to see products on the site and buy online in bulk

You will read in this article: Wholesale Sandals Vendor   buy Wholesale slippers Pakistan   Wholesale Rubber 

To receive the catalog of all products and the price list of Dena Plastic Company, call and wattsapp the number:


Do you want to start a profitable business?

Or you want to grow your major shoe slipper business
Thinking about starting an online boutique?

Are you already selling or would like to sell shoes in store or online?

If you are looking for a professional manufacturer
Connect with Dena Plastic with great products and prices
Dena Plastic is the largest manufacturer and exporter of slippers in Africa and Asia

It can help you a lot We are the ideal ladies and men shoe vendors for you.

Because of our low prices combined with our selection of high fashion,

trendy shoes, we are the ideal vendor for anyone looking to sell slipper online or in person.

Dena Plastic produces products in 3 degrees to provide more responsiveness and better service
The third-tier product is 1.77 cents

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Wholesale Shoe Vendor

How to buy

To place an order, you simply need to add a minimum of 15 cartoon to your shopping cart. order.

Keep in mind, you must order a variety of sizes.

Shoes are something that everyone should use to protect their feet,

and we need them whenever we want.

For those who want to buy shoes and sandals with a variety of very cheap quality

wholesale shoes, we offer Iranian products.
The reason is clear wholesale slippers and robes wholesale slippers in chennai
This richly developed country has oil and raw materials
The young workforce has a very cheap and skilled worker
Located in the world’s communication highway
Cheap shipping.

Buy Cheap in Bulk from China Suppliers
Wholesale Slippers

Wholesale Shoes Vendor


For all wholesale orders, we will ship the shoes without the individual shoe boxes

. The reason is that if we were to include the individual boxes,

it would require the an oversized carton to be used, therefore,

resulting in higher shipping charges.

If you are willing to pay the additional shipping charges, you may reqeust us to pack the shoes with the boxes,

and we would notify you of the additional shipping charges once we get the shipping quote.

On average, customers can pay anywhere from $5-$25 extra for us to ship the order with the boxes.

To request your order be shipped with the boxes, please leave a note in the “notes”

box at checkout or you can give us a call once your order has been placed.

The price of this beautiful first-class women’s sandal is only $ 2.5

These second-class products are priced at $ 1.4

Wholesale Slippers

One of the features of buying from Dena Plastic Company is buying from the factory.

High quality products are other features of Dena Plastic products.

You can contact our consultants to prepare products.
To find the best product for your target market

Produced by Dena Plastic Company:

  • the boot
  • Beach shoes
  • Disposable slippers
  • Hotel slippers
  • Hospital footwear (anti-head)
  • Pool slippers
  • sport shoes
  • Leather shoes
  • Work shoes
  • sneakers
  • sandal
  • Home and outdoor

buy Wholesale slippers Pakistan

There are many shoe manufacturers in the world, such as wholesale slippers usa  and wholesale shoes online and wholesale slippers uk That because of the high price Low purchase value is less profitable for smart traders
So they are less likely to buy these well-known products

Professional traders find quality products and buy them after making sure they supply wholesale sandals and wholesale shoes.

Which product is more profitable for each country?

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  •  bathrobes and sli_ppers
  • buy Wholesale      ” Pakistan | Wholesale Shoes Vendor Pakistan


From time immemorial, humans have worn sandals to protect their feet from impact,

shoes and slippers. Today, shoes are more useful than objects. Shoes can be used to

compliment a garment, to protect our bodies from the cold, to wear the warmth of the sun,

and to boost our confidence. So it’s no surprise that shoes could mean big sales in the e-commerce wholesale market.

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Wholesale Shoes Vendor

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Production of shoes, ketones, slippers and sandals. Wholesale wholesale
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