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To buy sandals in bulk, you have to see the global market
And start trading at the right price by knowing the right manufacturers and target market products

To receive the catalog of all products and the price list of Dena Plastic Company, call and wattsapp the number:


If you are finding the best wholesale flip flops or sandals suppliers in the world, then you come to the very right place.

Wholesale women’s sandals and slippers

At the beginning of summer and the need of the markets for slippers and all kinds of slippers,

we presented very high quality and various products with soft soles to the market.

We made it with high quality procedure and interesting and attractive colors

wholesale sandals in bulk
wholesale in bulk

The price of major women’s sandals

The price of these products is reasonable due to their high quality

Log in to WhatsApp to query the price
And be aware of our most up-to-date models and prices.

We offer our customers according to the target market to have a good profit in

summer sales according to the season of this comfortable and beautiful slippers model.

wholesale sandals in bulk
buy wholesale sandals

Major types of slippers

All kinds of slippers by the major manufacturer of shoes and slippers
And is used by the people But the most popular

slippers are leather slippers or sandals.
We name some of the slippers that we have a major distribution in Asia:

  • Leather slippers or sandals
  • bedroom slippers
  • Doll slippers
  • Cloth slippers and towels
  • Cloth slippers and towels
  • Plastic slippers
  • Medical slippers
  • Heeled slippers
  • Hotel slippers
  • Hospital and disposable slippers

Wholesale sandals can be purchased mainly from Dena Plastic Tezar Shoes.

Tips for buying good slippers / Tips for buying good sandals
In order to have an excellent choice, you must examine the different aspects of the desired product

and choose the ones that match your desired slippers.Here are some things to look for when selecting your slippers:

The price is right
Has the right stitching, the right weight
Proper quality slippers
Sturdy yet soft slipper soles
Attractive beauty model

sandal wholesale India
sandal wholesale India

Major purchase price of fancy girls medical sandals

Types of girls’ slippers with beautiful appearance, excellent quality, produced by Dena Plastic,
It is ready to be bought in online sales agencies at a more reasonable price.

Another type of best-selling models of slippers among children, especially girls, is fancy slippers for girls.
Which has been sent to the markets in today’s manufacturing factories with unique designs of all kinds of doll and fantasy designs.

Fancy slippers for girls, there are examples of rugs and chambers, which can be boldly said to have more and better sales rates.
And for this reason, manufacturers have tried to

meet the needs of the country’s markets by adding the quality and beauty of these slippers.

Today, we have even witnessed the production of various types of

knitted doll fantasy slippers and their supply to the country’s markets

, which are suitable for the cold seasons of the year and for children.

You can get the price of wholesale sandals by contacting our consultants.

Features of some slippers

Prevents foot odor and sweating by exchanging air.
Leather slippers do not irritate the feet and the person feels comfortable in them,

which is the best choice for people who use slippers for a long time.
Plastic slippers
Types of slippers in

Swimming pool
And …

This type of slippers is  used.

These sandals are mostly used  in water or humid environments

because they are very comfortable and light. You can buy cheap slippers from the major channel.

Dena Plastic

Dena Plastic Company has tried hard to build trust and a strong service structure for international customers
And it has been able to attract merchants from other countries of the world to the products of artists and industrialists.
In today’s world, traders’ priority in business is to have a prominent,

trusted and expert consultant who can easily identify the product and

the steps of the transaction and delivery to the destination.

Dena Plastic Company, with its skilled staff, conducts transactions in a calm and safe environment.
Here we have the possibility of wholesale sale of boots and

slippers and production of various models and slippers of all kinds of beach shoes

with the best price and fast delivery of the product from the production line for you.

You can get the price of wholesale sandals by contacting our consultants.

To receive the catalog of all products and the price list of Dena Plastic Company, call and wattsapp the number:


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