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If you are determined to buy, please see the analysis of this product on denaplastic Instagram What you read in this article Wholesale shoes Buy Wholesale shoes Manufacture of wholesale shoes

And in Turkish they say (Ayakhabi).

A kind of software It is soft and light that is used for wearing

indoors and sometimes outdoors and does not completely cover the feet. It is used to prevent injury to the human foot

Slippers were invented in 1400 AD, 600 years ago, and the industry has made significant progress,

which today, in addition to comfort, brings us a special beauty.

Buy from a major, cheap, safe Tsar product and get it delivered in Dubai !! ??

Iran is one of the best choices for Iraqi friends to buy major shoes due to its convenient geographical location and proximity to the land

But due to the problems and rules of many wholesalers of ketone sandal boots boots,

it is not possible to procure their products from a large manufacturer of Tsar shoes.
For this reason, Tsar Market can be bought from Tsar Market for a small purchase from a carton and more
One of the main problems for Iraqi wholesalers is buying old products from dealers with little variety
And the price is high, which makes the price more competitive with each other

Tsar Market to solve this issue its new products with high variety in bulk from one carton and
export more to Dubai

Your sales are low !! ??

Is your product old, or is it like other sellers !! ??

You do not have new products or you will receive them late !! ??

Your product variety is low !!?

Will your product arrive late !!?

Wholesale prices of high products ??!

Do brokers and profiteers sell you expensive products !!?

Do you not know the product !? Or you can not buy a large number! ??

Do your products have many defects due to bad packaging and can you get them in a sack! ??

Why should your sales be low, why should not you be the main and famous seller of your city

Why should you not be recognized as a fair and trusted seller in the city?

Why shouldn’t they consider you a professional?

The answer is clear !!

Brokers and profiteers

Brokers usually refer to low quality and low level products and wholesale ketone shoes in our country every few months.
And they order a lot of second-class and old products (very low quality) and ask us to

collect the products in a sack and send them to them in order to reduce the price.

These people are looking for high profits, you and your colleagues as shopkeepers or wholesalers

have to buy these products at the same price and expensive as first class products

(high quality and new) and shops all over the city have the same products

They are at your price and lower than yours

In order to compete, you have to drastically reduce the prices of second-class and old products

But your sales and profits will not increase

what is the problem??!!

The main problem is the buyers, your buyers are looking for amazing and beautiful new products,

not the old products that are found all over the city, they are looking for special products,

if you can not attract the enthusiasm and attention of buyers, you will not succeed.

How can I attract the attention of buyers !!?

The main way to attract buyers is to make them happy
In the words of Brian Tracy, “The main way to attract customers is to make them happy with certain products.”

How to make customers happy and convey a sense of specialness !!?

The simple solution is to design your shop and your products and how you approach it.

If you have a beautiful shop and a good attitude, why don’t you sell !!?
Your products and prices are in trouble

How to solve the problem of a specific and new product suitable for our target market at

a reasonable price !!? (Advantage of Denaplastic shoes)

Here is the solution, with us Dena shoes
Tsar shoes manufacturer with twenty years of production and export experience

(retail and container) can solve your problem
We give you free advice on the best and most suitable products for your target market

Stay up to date with us
Tsar Market Company produces and launches new products daily

Become a businessman by buying a carton !! ??
Many professional traders started their purchase from a carton to buy major PU shoes.
Start your purchase from a carton and increase your order after receiving the

major shoes and ensuring the beauty quality

You will receive our catalog and company profile through DenaPlastic website

(products section) and shopping consultants (refer to WhatsApp).

And after selecting the product (major shoes and major slippers, etc.)

an invoice will be issued for you and the product will be sent

Try Express (Fast Shipping) ??!

Tsar Market has launched express transportation for the convenience of Emirati businessmen
Most Shipping Products Many companies take a month to reach Dubai

But Express will deliver the product to you in 15 to 10 days in the available areas of the UAE and in 15 to 20 days.
We tried to reduce your transportation problem with Tsar Express

How to send the product

We have all been faced with the difficulty of sending orders and losing the market many times,

we have all experienced this moment, it feels very bad, the purchase arrives late and disrupts

the market and our planning, for sure To solve this problem,

we have implemented the international method of fast delivery of tsar

(Express Tsar) to solve this problem, so that in the shortest between 5-10 working days,

the maximum available areas of Iraq and Afghanistan with the lowest amount of product in your hand.

Reach, we also trace orders after sending them through the shipper.

Why should I buy now !!! ??
Many products are produced and distributed by the major shoe and ketone

manufacturers of Tsar Market, and due to the high number of molds and the limited number of machines,

the next production of the product may take a year. Or Turkish and European

traders order a large number and we can not provide the product you need for a long time

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the quality of the products !? Has it been a best seller! ??
Yes, only if there is a high demand for products for Iraq, the products will be on the site

How many products are in each package !! ??
It is different in each product and in each size
And in the product description, the number in each package is mentioned.

What sizes are available in each package !! ??
In each package, men 41_42_43_44_45, women of size, 37,38,39,40

(middle 31_32_33_34_ 35_36) (girls 26,27,28,29,30)

(mobile, 22,23,24,25) inside the package in number Equals are available.

4. Are all colors in all sizes (sizes) available in equal numbers in the package !!! ??
_ In the slippers, yes, it is colorful, that is:

it is available in all colors in all sizes in the carton

(that is, it is available in red size 36,37,38,39,40 in the package).
But in sandals and shoes, each package is the same color

How do I make a purchase !! ??
Method 1: First, specify the type of product and the amount you need, and then refer to

WhatsApp number 00989168884794 in the sales section of Tsar Market and wait for the

answer (due to the high volume of orders,

you may be answered late)
If you do not receive a response, refer to WhatsApp number (support and follow-up section)


Then type your request and wait for a response,

if you have a photo of the required product,

send it to the sales department to help you better.

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