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introduction to transportation

definition of transportation or in the business world known as ‘Freight’ and ‘Shipment’ has been an inseparable part of human life. when we glance back to the time our ancestors did their transportations by livestocks and simple steam engines, though apparently slow but practical enough to pave the way.

transportation methods were mainly road, railway and waterway.each of them are the modes of transportation. shipment overseas is an important subject of transportation which makes transportation companies grow in number day by day.

following the article below we are going to shed more light on international shipping and modes of shipment:

International shipment

one of the topics that have always been discussed in international trading, shpment of products which is one of the most important and yet sensitive sections in the business world. However, the evolution of international trade and the specialization of things has made international transit more professional but added to its complexity.

 transportation modes

Businessmen should agree on mode transportation due to the conditions and type of goods. In general, the international transportation method is in question.

To determine what are the pros & cons of each mode of transportation, several items should be considered. including the geographical conditions of origin and destination, the distance of the buyer and seller, time, risk, cost, type of goods, weight, etc.

for instance, the capacity of transport means Air transport is the fastest, safest and expensive method, and against, the sea method is the slowest, safest and yet cheapest method. In addition to the above methods, transport in the pipe, channel, and cord is also included in transit methods. However, due to limitations in the use of these methods and conditions, they will not be mentioned in this section.

maritime (cargo) transportation

Maritime transport, fluvial transport, or more generally waterborne transport is the transport of people  (passengers) or goods (cargo) via waterways.

the main way to transport trade is by carrying a ship. Maritime or cargo shipment is convey of people and goods by boat, ship, and other barges from sea, ocean, lake, canals, and rivers.but due to the length of the route and slow speed of ships, the ship is usually less frequent.

In contrast, the maximum volume of cargo shipment is via sea transport. It is estimated that more than 60 percent of international cargo transport is carried out on board. However, some countries cannot use this method directly because of certain geographic conditions and lack of access to free waters.

Due to the effectiveness of maritime transport, the infrastructure of this type of transport has been extensively developed in recent years. Countries are allowed Another transportation mode of transportation used in international commerce is road transport, road transport is widely used in internal transportation.

road transport is usually a part of transportation, sometimes it may be carried out by truck due to carry out infrastructures such as ports and ponds, such as the presence of institutions; customs and representatives of other organizations concerned with import and export operations in ports.

Road Transportation

Road transportation is an old usual mode of transportation which has evolved a lot. in past livestocks such as horses were common in road transportation but today trucks are faster. after industrial evolution between 1820 and1840 because of the sensitivity of carrying goods through roads, companies for road transportation were formed.

merchants and traders are worries when dispatching their loads using the road because there are some potential risks compare to other modes of transportation. This type of transport is quicker than sea transport and is very important for countries that have no access to free waters.


DENA plastic transportation

Aviation Transport

One of the most desirable means of transporting goods to other parts is the use of cargo airlines. In air transport, goods are moved faster and more secure. To transport goods through the air, the laws and regulations should be fully complied with.

Transportation laws are different for all kinds of goods. And familiarity with all these laws is an obvious and compulsory subject in the transit of goods.

If you plan to carry out air transport, we propose to consult experienced experts . It will be profitable for you And in a short time, you will get acquainted with your cargo and cargo laws and will also be familiar with the experiences and steps of this type of cargo transfer.

Rail Transport

Another method of international shipment is rail transport. It is inexpensive and at the same time confident and low – risk. This mode of transportation was first developed in Europe and the United States and then spread to the world level. The freight is carried out by rail under the Unified  Rules of the International freight contract by railway organization.

The Conclusion

choosing the appropriate mode of shipping depends on many factors in the type of geography and other factors. Sometimes it is not possible to use a single method of shipment, but necessary to use compound methods.

It is necessary to use the truck as well as the port, the airport, and train stations, the airport, and train stations. However, in the combination of transport methods, the truck is used by the ship, train or truck, but this does not mean that other transport compounds are useless.

to ensure the authority of transportation companies and carrier forwarders you can contact our consultants to get detailed information.


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