Ergonomic / ergonomic chair

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Ergonomic/ergonomic chair


what is ergonomics?

ergonomic, use engineering knowledge to design and produce tools and means for human wellbeing and the ability of humans about the capacities and abilities of humans. The well-designed chair has different components, which we look at the hardware section, which takes an ergonomic chair.

As we can see, most of the society in the community is devoted to sitting behind the desk and the computer, and we know that the chair during the period of work and activity plays an important role in the health of the spine.

ergonomy is indeed one of the most important issues today, which is due to the advancement of technology and the prevention of physical harm. Because, as we know, the loss of fatigue levels, physical health, and comfort in enhancing the working and practical levels of individuals are unique.

 an ergonomic chair can prevent you from injuries, including the pain of the neck pain, the pain in the leg and knee pain, throughout life. It is noteworthy that there are many ergonomic seats in the market, which are not only easy – shaped and have no standards.


ergonomic chair dena

Types of the ergonomic chair

It is good to know that the ergonomic chair is designed and produced according to a wide range of people and there is no guarantee that a chair is appropriate for everyone. the individual has to choose the ergonomic position at the workplace.


For example, consider a person with short length and shorthands, who can’t use a chair with long handles. In general, using an ergonomic chair is the only way to fit the person in terms of working conditions and feel comfortable.


You may ask yourself how to choose a suitable ergonomic chair for yourself?

 to prevent the physical injury for people who spend most of their schedule at the table choosing a chair would be convenient.

 With the proper design of this kind of furniture, you can make the right purchase of the ergonomic chair. The design of the ergonomic chair should be in a way that the person is placed in the horizontal position while sitting on those legs.

the chair should be designed in a way that has high strength so that it can control the maintenance of a person in high weights. Such seats must be designed and produced in a way that prevents blood from contracting in the knees so that the person can feel comfortable.

the middle part of the armchair should be designed in a way to help the movement and circulation of blood in the knees. so does not feel dry on the seat of the chair and pain in the knees.

 other features that are included in this type of seats is that it must have a mesh behind the neck where the user can lower the neck pain. usually type of the neck or the mesh that prevents perspiration from sweating in the neck, as well as increasing the air circulation.

 many people think ergonomic chairs are expensive and do not worth it. but to prevent pains in the neck, knee, and back, so you have to properly use this kind of chair. Of course, some factories in the design and production of the chair do not consider all the points for a properly qualified chair. 

to buy the best ergonomic office chairs, we need to consider a few important tips to point out here:

1-The height of the office chair

When the user sits on the chair, it has to be possible to adjust the height of the chair to that the soles of his feet reach the ground or can easily stretch out their leg. It is a suitable height in the ergonomic chair concerning the median mean between 40.45 and 53.35.

2-The seat of the chair

The ergonomic chair width should be divided into about 42 – 50 cm, so that it is about 2 to 3 centimeters wide and the bottom of the seat (from the front to the back of the chair)is about 37 to 43 cm.

Also, to prevent the user from slipping on the chair a surface recess along with the rim that is in around the state. in front of the chair and using the covers for chairs to prevent the user from tripping over the seat. Like leather covers, high – quality cloth which will ventilate.

Backrest and waist

We know that the body backbone is curved and a proper ergonomic chair should fill this curvature or waist height at a height of 14 to 21 cm from the bottom. that the user does not have any potential injury during the day of the spinal cord injury.

The ergonomic chair back must be designed so that it can be easily adjustable and the person can adjust it at any angle. Proper covers should also be used in the support side of the chair so that it can prevent sweat and discomfort in the back of the seat.

The compatibility to set the armbands is one of the most important parts of these types of seats. Because it relieves the weariness of the hands and shoulders. causes the spread of the shoulders and the drooping of the shoulders during the user’s activity.


As we describe in the paper, the seat mechanism is one of the most important parts of the office chair. The ergonomic office chair uses the mechanism so that the user can easily move the support and seat at their desired position.
 Don ” t trust any kind of chair called ergonomically. Choose the same medical or chair based on your taste, career, and body size.

materials used in the ergonomic furniture should be of the anti – sweating or type that flows through the air well. The should have curved support proportional to the waist and the spine for the neck and the waist.


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