History of the company

In 1997 passionate youths decided to expand their startup business globally ,but few even thought of it later on, their corporation will be one of the most effective and also leadings in the industry.
During that time, number of companies were active in the plastic industry , But few had customer care service.
Except for Dena Plastic company, which has concentrated on customer support and consulting, based on CRM principle.
Thus we launched a special section for customers and branded it as Dena customer service(DCS)
Our mentors and consultants are committed to help every client everywhere on earth.
Fast forward ,We established RTD department in 2001.this company could create its exclusive chemical formula for some special goods and impressed large target markets.
So that this company has become an authentic resource for those involved in the industry.
our products include plastic commodities for home, restaurants and kitchens.
Dena plastic company is popular among different countries we are always looking for a way to be different.
In 2008 during the global financial crisis, Dena Plastics started to work with bankrupt factories and manufacturers, and applying the technical advice and facilitating sales proxies, could take small but impressive steps,using up its limited capacities.

Message from CEO

Dear and respected members of sales and production chain! we are proud Having you here.
This time, as always we are determined to bring you all the best.however this claim puts heavy burdens on our shoulders but we believe in “anything would be possible with orchestrated system and loyal employees”.
Besides different achievements , again we are proud to be credited & authorized by you and received the most prestigious , humble award from you , which is several satisfied clients whether directly or indirectly,around the world.
crystal clear,it would not be possible without your warm presence and ever accompaniment.this was accumulated during years of ups and downs and hardwork.
Every successful company is highly relied on their clients.
A large part of the significant progress of DenaPlastic company owe to your constant criticisms and kindly suggestions. We warmly welcome any offer or criticism from you all.

■ Being the worldwide source of information and knowledge to assist every other group and person to make significant progress

■ Establishing general international training segment to train persons who are willing to be impressive.
Teaching millions of talented leaders and making Dena Plastic
An industrial trading university

■ Becoming the admired symbol of right business for new
companies and corporations
Finally,”Making positive impact in communities beyond the boundaries.”

We all need integrity and unity to suggest practical solutions
To the human being and making the world a better place for growth and perfection.


we Are DENA ,a part of the world.

Today,Dena plastic corporation with growing approaches and hardworking and modern leadership and committed personnel,is shining as a star in the sky of Industry and business.
Having years of close and strategic cooperations with various countries has put Dena Plastic in the category of impressive, Trading groups worldwide.
Trading department of Dena plastic corporation, is devotedly
concentrated on satisfying customers and merchants.we are certificate holder of Iso 9001 & 10002 which are based on CRM and managing business relationships in the best way possible.
DCS (Dena customer service) which is authorized
and branded exclusively, supports our business associates.
It includes Anything which is vital to ensure the benefits of buyers.
Many clients has announced their satisfaction for
Immediate responding & professional councils of this department.
beside,this section is well known for offering wide range
of expert advices to different organizations.
RTD(research and technology development), coming up with newest technologies and laboratory equipments,has been a trusted source for
many researchers and even students involved in plastic industry.this section always makes new ways to creativity and innovation.

Vision commitment

As a worldwide trading company;
The policies we make are fresh and based on “Loyalty,Integrity”principles.
So that, Dena Plastic Group is famous among our partners & customers as a reliable and disciplined company.
We change the meaning of business, by our private special “4 RIGHTS” rule:
“Building the Right relationships with the right customers;by the right products with the right manner.”
As a duty,following clients from A to Z professionally and being a reliable mentor is our first priorities.
Our committed visions

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