Best high chair/high chair mother care

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High chairs are used commonly nowadays.chairs with high legs and seats from the ground will create different moments. These type of chairs are resistant and capable of bare heavyweights

It is proven psychologically that if you choose high chairs to sit on, probably you are having a high level of self_confidence.In other words; sitting on high chairs has a relative impact on feeding the ego.

There are too many uses for this chair, we are going to mention several key places using high chairs in 2019:


Kitchen high chair

The kitchen is the heart of the home and housewives usually spend most of their time there. They are always sensitive to the decoration of the home and For that reason, high chairs have found a unique place in every kitchen of wives. High chairs With long legs, make it possible to cook while sitting on the chair in the kitchen.

Besides, the beautiful appearance high chairs give to kitchens will make the environment a very enjoyable environment, and this will increase the energy and positive spirits. Psychologists have proven the decoration of the kitchen can even have a positive impact on food taste, as working in a relaxed environment can make a person do the work they love and enjoy it.

Bar & Coffee shop

Bars have always been a priority for gatherings. The high height of the high seats allows you to easily have a drink and In the past, bars and Cafés have been the place for doing business dealings and holding local games. Card players and gamblers used to sit on high chairs talking about something

In an experiment conducted by scientists in the university of SouthCarolina on several casinos. they found that those in the higher position of the seat were more likely to win during the card game.

bar high chair
bar high chair

 Restaurant high chair

The use of high chairs in the restaurant is a lot like barsThe difference is that these chairs are more common in restaurants because, in self-service restaurants, self-contained dishes are relatively high

Owners of restaurants and dining places have come to realize the impact of a chair on customers. The more comfortable a customer is when choosing a meal, the more likely it is to sell more dishes. using colorful high chairs will increase the appetite of consumers as well.

Photography Atelier

Cameramen always use chairs with a height of over 90 cm.for artistic pictures this dimension is required. however, it’s also possible with shorter chairs.PICASSO used to sit on high chairs while painting portraits. This increased his concentration.

 Best High chair for a kid

High chairs except as listed have another special use. Kids with their different and small world, need special attention from birth because various dangers, threaten their health. Many families complain that they can’t control children when eating meals

A team of scientists conducting various experiments on children’s behavior has found that children who eat food with parents will have better speech ability in the future. Therefore, high chairs are your baby’s priority needs. high chairs are also called Mothercare chairs

High chair Uses

Most of the time the child spends at home. By purchasing a suitable high chair, he enjoys the time at home. High chairs Surprisingly, a scientific fact shows; the freer a kid is while doing something, it will help to his or her independence and self-confidence.allow your children to eat freely. children love to take meals while messing with other things.


When we travel, we aim to try new experiences and watch all the sights. It has been scientifically proven that travel increases your happiness and reduces depression and makes you cool. Now, with babies and children, it can be reversed. as we said earlier, children like to mess with other things and can destroy all the trip

A high chair is designed for such a moment. The best high chairs can make your best trips. Type of high chairs have detachable legs and generally are made of lightweight materials so that; make it easy to carry even during trips and will be a huge aid for parents.

To buy the best high chair

Considering the importance of the high chair and its widespread use, many items are involved when buying the best high chairs. When buying a high chair, bear in mind, it should be easy to be cleaned. the type of material and design method are both determining

Of course, personal tastes are also involved in buying high chairs. some think the high chair should be the only space_saving because their place is not big enough to share with high chairs. or it should be 3in1. When choosing a high chair to buy wholesale, make sure the chair, has a good wide base for full stability

Check out the space that the baby sits in the high should not be too small or too high, otherwise, your baby would feel uncomfortable. Kids use their high chair for a long period. Kids use their high chair for a long period somehow they live with it. best High chairs should be space_saving and fit to small space

Usually, those who do not have experience of using high chairs, especially the high-end models, have little difficulty balancing on the furniture. But some of the seats are designed to feel comfortable and secure when sitting on them. So when purchasing, check seat balance status Some non-standard models do not have this important feature.



 To determine what is the best high chair to buy, besides the mentioned factors, you can contact your consultants at any time

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