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It is thought that the wicker chair entered America through colonists who brought wicker and basket chairs with them. Paul was one of the first major designers to use rattan in the garden chair, breaking convention by introducing wicker  into the dining room and intermixing with upholstered furniture.after this, wicker chair which is one type of plastic chair, was used as outdoor chair.



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the plastic outdoor chair is one of the types of plastic chairs available in the market that are manufactured using various raw materials. The price of plastic armchairs is different at folding chairs and simple chair models. The plastic chairs are also available in different sizes, including the types of long back chairs and short back chairs. These chairs are manufactured in a variety of colors such as white, yellow, brown and red, and are sold in markets. wicker is one of the oldest methods of making furniture, common all over the world for thousands of years.

wicker chair outdoor

With the growing popularity of the modern interior decoration style, naturally, all home decor elements have undergone major changes in the way they are manufactured and manufactured. wicker chair outdoor use new materials such as fiberglass and polystyrene in addition to using more traditional materials such as wood, iron, and leather. Each of the trendy garden chairs you see on the market these days comes from the creative design of modern interior designers.

plastic table
plastic table


dining table

With the introduction of  wicker chair into the interior decoration of the building, a serious change was made, especially in modern furniture. People’s eagerness to buy a modern chair and especially an open chair has made serious changes to the design of other home and office furniture components. These days, modern chairs are widely used in lobbies, offices and workrooms, kitchens, dining and dining rooms, and even open spaces. The main components of outdoor chairs include the following:


Modern plastic chair
Modern wicker chair
Modern iron chair and leather
Transparent chairs made of polycarbonate
Seats made of fiberglass or polystyrene

outdoor wicker furniture
outdoor wicker furniture


how to buy garden chair?

At Dena Company we offer you a unique and attractive variety of modern garden chairs which you can see at the end of this article some examples of them and detailed specifications. With a few internet searches,on Google you can definitely find a long list of top companies and brands of plastic table and chair manufacturers in Iran and read their resume as well. Each of them, which was brighter, could definitely be your choice to buy.

These companies are also producing different types of wicker outdoor plastic table and chairs. To buy a cheap plastic table and chair, you only need to go to the direct sales centers. These centers provide large quantities of this product in wicker design. And of course, they offer it to people at a more reasonable price than the market.

These centers operate in both online and offline manner. From these dealers, a variety of 2-seats plastic tables can also be purchased. No matter which method people choose for their purchase. A reputable sales center should be chosen under all circumstances. You can also get quotes on the price of a 4-seat and 6-seat plastic table through online stores to save time, money and energy.

When evaluating outdoor furniture, you’re probably going to look for many of the same characteristics that you value in indoor tables, chairs and sofas – durability, comfort and style (and of course price).

It’s outdoor furniture, so it should be fine in the rain, right? Not if you’re dealing with cushions. Buying garden chair and buying chairs should be done according to your design and other elements of decor and furniture. So at the outset, we recommend that you do not confine yourself to a model or structure when purchasing a plastic chair, and choose from a wide variety of chairs that will bring the most harmony to your home’s interior.


Table and chair
Table and chair

buying wicker chair outdoor

Each design style has its own features and benefits that you should especially consider when buying a garden chair. I had assumed that the cushions on our sectional would be weather-proof and that the fabric would simply repel rain. To a degree, that is what happens, but when it’s truly raining, as opposed to misting, you’ll want to protect your cushions.

The hot weather can also lead to other logistical problems. Patio furniture that is left out in the sun can heat up, making it uncomfortable (or unsafe) to touch. Nobody wants to burn their skin when they sit down in or attempt to reposition a poolside lounge chair. Some outdoor materials may last for years under ideal conditions but might need to be replaced every couple of month when exposed to sunlight. Others can withstand  elements for a lifetime and still look new.

rattan chair

When you’re trying to create a patio that pops, it’s easy to get lured in by a vibrant color or trendy design. But if you don’t pay attention to the quality, construction, or materials, you might be throwing money down the drain.

If you have yet to buy your garden furniture, make sure you get this first. It might sound obvious but as you will see, there are several different shapes and sizes of furniture covers. Some are designed to protect circular tables while others are designed for square or rectangular ones. You can also get covers specifically made to cover a bistro set complete with two chairs.


We recommend that, before making any choice, consider the height of your wicker table to buy an outdoor chair. The back of the chair is especially important for dining chairs. Most open seats have limited backs, so if you have a habit of relying on them, choose an example that can fully cover your back.

The protector range offers water-resistant protection along with UV protection as well. This is something cheaper sets do not always have; it is possible for cheaper chair covers to protect against water (at least to some extent) but not against UV rays. This means your furniture can fade even when it is covered.

No matter which method people choose for their purchase. A reputable sales center should be chosen under all circumstances. You can also get quotes on the price of a 4-seat and 6-seat plastic table through online stores to save time, money and energy.


price of plastic chair

buy plastic table

Sellers of all types of plastic table and chairs are abundant in Iran and the main reason for this is the popularity of these types of tables and chairs. These vendors are active in online and offline sales centers, and individuals can make purchases by visiting any of them.

Plastic tables and chairs continue to rise in popularity, thanks to their light weight, affordability, and durability over years of use by party rental companies and event venues. Plus, Denaolastics large selection of tables for sale gives customers lot of options  helping them to buy plastic chair.

This type of garden chair can also be used in a rustic or outdoor style because of the wooden texture in the living room. The 46 cm height of the dining chairs will not be comfortable for you. Also, ordinary chairs are too wide and some of them cannot be stacked together and do not occupy much space.

rattan chair
rattan chair

where the backrest rests on the backrest, making the user feel less tired. On the other hand, the cozy backdrop designs give the kitchen decoration. The outdoor chair is actually a tall chair and usually has a footrest to make it easier to sit on. The height and slimness of the garden chair make them suitable for use next to the open kitchen, which is taller than the dining table and other tables.

As opposed to the open chair with different materials and different models and shapes that can suit any taste and the type of interior decoration so-called. Most of the chairs are made of metal or wood and have leather, fabric or other seating. From simple wooden chairs to more sophisticated models with different materials and features such as height adjustment in the furniture market.

to buy wicker chair of this height will undoubtedly need a special chair. A chair that became known as an open chair. In order to feel comfortable when using a desk, there is a height difference of about 30 cm between the living room and the desk surface.

A dining plastic table for a contemporary open-plan kitchen diner needs to balance style with practicality. dining tables add a bit of modern atractive appealintg but still work well for busy families. If your dining table is a bar table, then you need bar stools. Ones with backs are perfect if you like to sit down to enjoy a meal.

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