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chairs for wholesale, import important goods such as easy carrying & lightweight furniture. that is why the plastic folding chair is very popular, and among all seats has more fans. customers buy folding chairs because of portability. But buying a high-quality folding chair that can be used for a long time and does not cause any health problems is complicated and requires some inspections

Dena Plastic export company has made this selection a simple and satisfying choice with the production and introduction of qualified ergonomic folding chairs for all ages (baby plastic chair, outdoor plastic chair,  indoor plastic chair) in the folding chair products section.

chaire model KANKA

buying folding chair wholesale

to purchasing folding chairs from wholesalers, like Denaplastic company, besides considering such as payment methods, you should know about product specifications to Identify the target market when buying or selling any product. target market in every specialized product that has easy access to the internet.

people do not buy any chair at any price. Nowadays. by doing searches on a powerful search engine like Google, for example, buying plastic folding chairs near me, or buying cheap plastic folding chairs from thousands of stores, they provide the right quality and price.

traders use online wholesale, more and more. digital marketing facilitates exporting & importing folding chairs. this company is a pioneer at online wholesale. buying a bulk chair online seems, at first sight, impossible.

folding plastic chair
folding plastic chair

For the wholesale of folding chairs and the export of furniture, the trader must be careful not to exceed the ideal cost of production of the target market by precisely measuring the market in proportion to similar products available and target market needs.

manufacturers are a bit more sophisticated because the folding chair requires more work and care. They have a price problem But Dena has been able to produce a beautiful eye-catching and durable product by applying the expertise of the day and engineers of this area and quality plastic materials.

Dena Co contributes low shipping due to costs to its source of materials near the factories. the convenience of easy loading routes and proximity to the international main road, and the proximity to high-quality petrochemicals. has a strong track record in delivering low-cost Suitable commodities Suitable for Many Target Markets and Their Rules.

folding chair for sale
folding chair for sale

the dealer or distributor can easily purchase the plastic product at a reasonable price, and market it at all reasonable prices .when selling We recommend send products at a limited scale as samples for the target market in different specifications.

by accurately estimating the market need, we can determine which of our chairs will be beneficial for our market needs. it is crucial to your efforts and investment when Importing folding plastic chairs and buying the bulk chair. The low cost along with the beauty and high quality of the product is another point of the market that wholesalers usually are not able to give buyers all in one.

All in one, these features may make it a bit impossible to get to know the plastic folding chair for authenticity, but you need to make sure you have all the features. using high-quality raw materials in the manufacturing of plastic folding chairs is another important point.

  • High strength plastic folding chair with high pressure and weight

  • No color change in sunlight

  • Product design based on body ergonomics

  • Comfortable seating

  • Non-slip and glide on smooth and slippery surfaces

  • Beauty and durability of the product

  • Use varied and happy colors

When buying the bulk chair, consider features above to meet your customers

Export Chair/folding chair for sale

furniture dealers, or chair exporters, should be careful when choosing distributors or sales representatives, which are intended to be long-term sellers in the target market. as professional businessmen and traders, you do not want to sell just once or twice.

 when planning your business path, thinking about creating the right platform to continue this (long-term sales), low margin profit; providing high service, product support, realizing the opinion of the distributor, finding the right product for its target market, and promoting the product to the maximum. meeting Market demand is the goal of long-term presence in all markets.

In any market, for long-term sustainability, we need to accurately identify the market and how the product (chair) is packaged and priced. For each of these tasks, we need to fully identify the target market both face to face and online. every market takes a lot of time to do such things.

The best way to identify a target market is to have a business partner in the target market of our product. Having a representative or distributor requires special conditions. our representative must be well known in the target market and the type of chair in question. they know the government’s extensive information about our product, including buying, selling, trading,  laws in their country.

The representative is responsible to provide you with the target market status and provide you with the product specifications needed and all the information buyers must have to market your product. then buyers ask them the right catalogs and promotions for your market, and the task of advising and directing the catalog to potential buyers, ordering (in this case) a folding plastic chair for the parent company (Dena Plastic) and The details of the plastic chair or accessories needed by the buyer are announced.

they receive their share from the parent company following the terms of the company and the signed commercial contract. How the distributor works differ greatly from agent to marketer, you must first see the product and service of your service and if your product is specific and needs to be manufactured according to customer’s request the agent will do so.

But for non-sensitive products, you need to choose an active distributor who is familiar with your product and your target market, which is a reputable and reliable person. This distributor should be the only distributor of your product in your product category, and in no way be involved with your competitor to work against you on one goal. The advantage of the distributor is that they buy the folding chair from you and bring it to their warehouse. It promotes your product and brand and has a common goal with your company.

Dena Plastics Inc. with its targeted market consulting section can help clients who are looking to represent Dena or other companies or distributors and give you the best advice. You can also contact Dena Consultants for information about terms and conditions, plastic products and other details You can see Dena’s plastic chair product list, and consult with our specialists to buy the best product for your target market.

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