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considering the office chair, with the advent of technology in various industries, human beings have been able to provide more comfort to humans life. In ancient times, humans needed to spend time relaxing or doing something appropriate to create a comfortable place to sit and get a favorable result.

However, today, using technology and science, we have managed to provide convenient and functional chairs for a variety of areas, including office chairs.

Buying chair

To buy the best ergonomic office chairs you should first, know the best office chair qualifications;

The ergonomic office chair should be designed to meet the unique needs of the four sensitive areas of the human body (neck, chest, waist, and foot). According to the Dena Research Group, the person shifts his or her upper body eight times on average for an hour. which accounts for approximately 28% of these movements including leaning and rotating.

Non_ergonomic  Office chairs do not allow the person to easily move their upper body to their desired position due to the immobility of the backrest and seating area. but chairs designed by Dena Design section, such as conference chairs and office chairs with ergonomic design can bring you the most sense of comfort and provide you with some great seating for you and your staff.

In general, most of the office chairs available in the market do not cover the same four backbone properties equally. An ideal office chair should be as comfortable as possible for these joints, so the design of any chair allows one to move freely and naturally.

Knowing how to sit on a chair and choosing the right chair is important to our health. Dena and our manufacturing firms operate throughout the design and production process based on standard technical and engineering principles.

depending on the type of use and the dimensions of the body, chairs are manufactured in various dimensions. One of Dena’s achievements in manufacturing and supplying the chair is the provision of a variety of chairs.

(Office chairs, Conference Chairs, Waiting Chairs, Baby chairs, Suitable training chairs and generally standard and (ergonomic chairs) for any range of ages to assure the physical health.


What is the best office chair for sitting long hours?

Customers should also consider, enough information about the specifications of the office chair they expect. the best office chair should have plenty of features as we sit down to feel comfortable, and avoid depression or complications such as poor back pain and musculoskeletal problems.

Usually, the following should be considered to buy a suitable office chair:
The legs and arms of the individual should be positioned vertically, and the forearms should be positioned horizontally on the floor.

The back of the office chair should protect the inner curvature of the lumbar spine of the poor. The weight of the upper part of the trunk should be distributed equally on the seat and thighs. The chair should be comfortable to move the thing to note is that the chair has to match the person using it, not the person matching it with the chair.

office chair covers, therefore are recommended that if the chair is to be used on slippery surfaces, the use of chair mats to reduce the risk of slippage and fall is generally recommended to have a 4-foot seat to avoid the risk of rolling over.


Office chair covers

Another feature of the office chairs, especially for office chairs, is that the seat has an adjustable mattress backrest. Standard height and width of the backrest are suggested to be respected at least 1cm and 5cm. Adjustable chair height is also one of the features of suitable chair design. The height of the chair can be from 1 to 2 cm and a width from 1 to 2 cm.

Depending on the dimensions proposed, it is best to have a 1 to 2 cm clearance between the front edge of the seat behind the knees when sitting on a chair. The front part of the chair should be cascaded to allow sufficient freedom for the thighs to prevent blood loss.

The bottom of the chair should be slightly tipped back. This slope can be regulated between 2 and 5 degrees. When the height of the chair is too high, one should use the lower leg. The horizontal position helps to prevent pressure from coming under the thighs. The cover of the chair should not be too sweat-proof in addition to beauty. If it is a fabric, it should be durable and able to absorb moisture.

Why are office chairs so expensive?

According to several research done by Dena’s research team on staff and people, we found that inappropriate chair space can reduce work efficiency up to 15 to 26 percent and even cause serious spinal cord injuries.however, with proper office chairs in offices, we can see an average of a 20% increase in efficiency, which can help an organization or company to save extra costs and benefit from its staff efficiently.

We believe in after the quality of products, another item which matters is price. expert and experienced manufacturers and suppliers of the chairs, know well how to provide demanded quality with lowest extra expenses.so that the final product will be at a reasonable cost.

keep in touch with us for advice on buying the right products for your target market and receiving the latest prices list.

BY Denaplastic


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