3 types of slipper you must know

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3 types of slipper you must know about

are you looking for most common slippers in market? first of all we need get to know what on earth are slippers? 

imagine you have been through a busy & hardworking day.you were wearing balmy luxurious

shoes all day.when you arrive at home to have some rest,taking off those expensive shoes,

is the first thing you would do.why? simply because you do not want your feet get baked into that damn

oven any more. it is time for a special kind of footwear (we mean slipper) comes in to play.

unconfirmed statistics show that, using of footwear formally backs to 12th century when some3 types of slipper you must know about

SouthAsian countries were wearing it.however there are some solid records which say; Egyptians are main inventors of sandals.

Three types of bestselling slippers
Three types of bestselling slippers

what are 3 types of slipper you must know about??

anyway, ever since footwear industry has evolved a lot. there are bunch of models out there

in market.which is strongly able to confuse every person in aspects of colour, design,material and etc.

getting through numerous information would cause either misunderstanding or hesitation.

here is the solution for professional traders: instead of knowing all categories, we offer you

3 types of bestselling type of footwear. these are main categories and in high demand items globally.


3 types of slipper you must know about

Flip flops(sandal):

wait!! it has nothing to do with changing your mind at all. flipflops are sandals with

only one strap in the front, which joins sole.may seem funny but its name comes

from the sounds when they slap(FLIP  FLOP). Australians and part of North america, call it as a”Thong“.

they are famous for beach wear and generally in sandy lands. we bet every body has

played with them once. playing beach volleyball with flip flops is one of gods blessings.

Europeans & Americans reserve it mainly for outdoor uses. Denaplastic, has exported to many Asian & European countries.

these sandals are generally made of three different material(whether solely or combined):

  • Rubber
  • Leather
  • Foam
Three types of bestselling slippers
Three types of bestselling slippers


Rubber: latex or rubber is a natural substance processed under chemical reactions

used in many applications. in this case we apply it to manufacture light and soft Jelly footwear.

in technical terms we call it”PVC”. PVC has a considerable flexibility while showing nice stability.

rubber slippers are being bought mainly for these features:

  • Flexibility

  • comfortable for long time wearing

  • reasonable price

  • variety of colour

rubber sandals are relatively in fair price compare to leather ones.

if you already have done some search on google, may found out that wholesale price of

flipflops are changeable. up to where is it produced and quality of raw materials.

rubber flip flops cost between 1.7$ to 3.1$ in south Asian countries although other

asian companie (Denaplastic) offer the lower price simply because of cheap work forces and domestic raw materials.

you can find them for different ages and fantastic colour to satisfy you or your customers.

3 types of slipper you must know about

Foam Flip flops: 

Foam is an chemical substance formed by trapping pockets of gas in a liquid or solid.

EVA foams are used in providing sole for footwear. flip flops made of foam weight light.

if you want to jump as light as a feather, we recommend buying this kind.

especially if you hate your feet to get hot under beautiful sunshine, this one is somehow anti heat.


people welcome this type of slipper mainly for these reasons:


  1. Shock Absorption: they absorb more impact of steps
  2. Durability: EVA soles , have higher lifetime and last longer than any type of sole
  3. More Flexibility: they tend to be more pliable than rubber
  4. cheapest range of price among all sort of flip flops

foam flip flops cost between 0.2$ to 2.5$ no need to repeat, these prices are variable dependent on several factors.


Leather flip flop

no need to elaborate on this type almost leather is the first material to make sandals.

leather has the best durability compare to others and of course astonishing appearance.

user can make it fresh by simply rubbing polish wax.

however many people are not big fan of it ( except Arabian countries and some Asian territories ).

besides expensive price, nobody exactly can tell us why not in other counties because that is related to personal tastes.

reasons people in different countries buy this kind are:

  1. Leather is a luxurious prestigious material used in every application

  2. as we said; it is easy to get refurbished

  3. best durability ( make sure that be a natural leather)

 three types of slipper you must buy


as heat shows up, sliders get unbelievable popularity among most nations. simply because they are easy to slide in & out. this made fashion designers to add this one to their big collections. 

there are different versions of this “backless & open toe slipper”. heeled slide , fur slide are examples of it. this is produced at vast range of size for each segment of ages.

unlike flip fops which are mostly reserved for outdoor uses, slides are able to meet your needs in many occasions(home,bathroom,outdoor). although in price battle, flip flops beat them!

a casual slide costs between 7.5$ to 13$ in bulk.

3 types of slipper you must know about

Note: this price range is only for casual slides, slides with fur, heeled slides, normally have higher prices on market. for receiving fresh price list contact our consultants.

beautiful slipper
beautiful slipper

Cozy slippers

as you get from its name, they are designed to bring you extra comfort. inner part of this types is usually covered with soft fur. the material used in sole is EVA or PVC plastic.this model has made its way to families. why? based on recent scientific datas released by south Carolina university. shows, a direct  relation between level of heat and having a nice sleep.

cozy slides, keep your feet warm during night and help you sleep easier and prevents insomnia disorders. as you can guess, this type is only worn at home and bedroom.

3 types of slipper you must know about

cozy slippers cost between 2.5$ to 6.5$ in market.

three types of slipper you must buy
three types of slipper you must buy



as you have realized, we discussed on three most common footwear that every person on earth will buy( even one of them). do not forget, there are lots of cunning artist out there to offer you cheap quality products.

each model , has its fans and nobody is able to determine weather an item is good or not. simply because even worst products are welcomed by a few people. so , consider you own taste and measurements to buy anything. to buy wholesale ,you can count on us as a trusted manufacturer of footwear in Middle east. send inquiries at any field.our consultants has helped more than 200 persons & companies so far.

wholesale slippers | Major sandals and slippers market

3 types of slipper you must know about

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